Intermitting Fasting and Diet!

Intermitting Fasting and Diet!

My favorite meal! I eat this almost every day (yes, even bacon)! ⠀

I began intermittent fasting about 4 months ago because I wanted to see how my body would respond to it. Because of my genetics, I tend to store fat in my belly, and after eating one meal I would feel bloated most of the day, plus I had stomach aches EVERY day. ⠀

I go 18 hours without eating, then eat within a six-hour window. The first two weeks were hard! Especially my workouts. But now, I feel great! I no longer have blood sugar crashes, and very rarely have bloating or stomach aches. I did lose 10 pounds and am holding steady where I’m at now. ⠀

I feel good! And yes, I do feel hungry sometimes but it passes. And I’ve realized now that hunger isn’t going to kill me! It’s so nice not to be “hangry” every three hours, and constantly making sure there’s food available when those three hours are up! ⠀

Now, when it’s time to eat I ENJOY the way my food tastes more than I did before. ⠀

Say what you will about intermittent fasting, but it works for me and there are many benefits besides weight loss. ⠀

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

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